Astrology of the Kingdome by Eileen

Implode me

I sat down in front of the news the other day, as they were announcing the two dates chosen for the impending implosion of the Kingdome, which were the 19th and 26th of March. As soon as the media named the dates, I went flying to my computer to run up astrological charts for both dates. I was curious to check out the astrological placements of planets for both dates, and to see if either one of those dates was better for this kind of project. I often run astrological charts for major events like this one; to see if there is any unusual type of astrological or astronomical activity. Astrological charts can be constructed for anything, not just a birth: a building opening, a business inception; its use is not restricted to us humans. The first date chosen, March 19, for various astrological reasons, didn't look like a good day for an implosion - the main reason being that it looked like there could be a problem of more dust and debris leaking outside of the containment area. The second date was much better. The second date was the one eventually chosen - March 26, at 8:30 am.

In astrology, we use all the planets. Each planet symbolizes particular types of events, or characteristics in human experience. I was curious about was the placement of the planet Mars in the Dome Chart, given that this particular chart was a Mars event, if you will. Mars, in mythology, is the God of War, and in astrology, Mars rules many things. Mars provides a catalystic spark of energy; energy to get things moving and started. In the Kingdome's chart, the spark would be sudden explosive moment that that Loiseauxs' push the button; the moment of the release of the energy of the implosion.

In checking the charts, I also noticed two other planets next to Mars, which would have to be taken into account when the implosion was ignited. These planets would have everything to do with how well that implosion would come off. Jupiter and Saturn both sit next to Mars, which I found very interesting. Jupiter symbolizes something large, which would seem obvious, given that this is the largest planet in the solar system. When Jupiter and Mars are put together, Mars is the spark, once again, and Jupiter is the size of the explosion - very big and expansive. Big spark; big explosion. However, when Saturn is added, we have containment, and constriction. While Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. So, if we add this all up, we have the spark (Mars), the expansive energy released (Jupiter) and the containment of that energy (Saturn), resulting in the building falling back on itself - hopefully. The placement of these three energies is also in the stable sign of Taurus, which symbolizes the earth. This also adds more containment of the energies.

Although Jupiter and Saturn were next to Mars in the March 19th chart, the March 26th chart showed them closer together, which is much better. When combining these three major forces of energy, it would be the most effective to have them as close to the same frequency as possible. This will focalize and concentrate the energy more; in other words,using less bang would lead to better results. If the energies were further apart, there would be more likely a dissipation of the forces, rather than a concentration of them.

Another major factor was the location of the Sun sign. The first date the Sun was moving through the sign of Pisces; Pisces is very gentle and diffusive; sort of like throwing water on the fire. Not the best choice. Just moving the date to the 26th moves the Sun into Aries, which is the energy of Mars - Mars, in astrology, rules the sign of Aries. This is much better.

Using astrology when looking at an event to come, is very informative. Many people and companies know about this kind of process; an astrologer would be of great assistance to Controlled Demolition, Inc. to choose just the right date and time, since this is such a critically sensitive operation they are putting together. It does seem, though, that on some level they might have sensed this, and chose the best date possible for this event. Now all that is left is to see how it all plays out.

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