Navigation tips for The Seattle Curiosities and Oddities page

There are more links on this page than meets the eye. After discussing this with some of my visitors I have decided to give a little nudge to those of you who are looking for the content.


There are many links to other Seattle related sites on this page and some of them you don't want to miss! All of the text links on this page will be the color red and also underlined, this is a slight deviation from the norm as the default for most browsers would be blue. Here is an actual link that really goes somewhere but I'm a stinker and I won't tell you where! Click on this REAL LINK If you want to be daring. I promise it won't hurt much ;-)

Those annoying pop-ups

Eat 'em and smile they're for your own good, really. I hate it when I go to other sites and click on a link and 25 pop-ups appear and try to sell me anything from A free website hosting service to swamp land in Zimbawe. Relax, all of my pop-ups are for navigation purposes so after you visit a link with wild and weird content all you need to do is close that window and you'll end up right back where you started (The Seattle Curiosites and Oddities page) and you'll be ready to look for another link to something weird and wonderful in Seattle!

The Fremont Troll

Yes, the horrible picture of the troll is also a link! If you look at it carefully notice that it has a red border around it. Click on the picture and you will find much better images of the Troll and directions to his location.