From Bubble To Rubble!

Or your tax dollars at work!

days left until the Kingdome is paid off! Maybe I should put up a counter that keeps track of the 206 million dollars we still have to pay for the blasted thing!!! That would be about $38,000.00 per day for the next 15 years.

Implode me

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News Flash! On Sunday March 26, 2000 at 8:30 AM the Kingdome bit the dust!

Can't see the dome through the dust? See a simulation here!
It takes about 60 seconds to load.
Be patient, it's well worth the wait!

Jamie has got the most complete implosion link site that I have found Yet!
Check it out!

This company documents implosions of all kinds. Lot's of nice pics and streaming video! They also cover implosiuons live!!!!Click here to go to

Shake the Shack!
KISW Rocks the Dome!
This one is kewl but it makes me dizzy!

Great minds think alike and so do the demented ones!
City Screens has their own version of the Kingdome implosion with the Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Business is booming at Controlled Demolition Incorporated
They now have 10 implosions for your viewing pleasure and are promising a new one every week!
(Some people will do anything to generate traffic)
Windows Media Player 6.4 is required but it's worth it!

Here is an astrological forcast prepared by Metafizzer especially for this event! Venus and Mars are alright tonight!

The International Society of Explosives Engineers These guys have all of the demolition information you will ever need.

Click on this link for a detailed article about what it takes to implode a domed stadium. This has never done been done before to any domed stadium!

The U-Dub put seismic recording devices in various locations for the big event! The Blast registered as a 2.1 Richter quake.
Shake Rattle & Roll?

King County Metro Kingdome Facts and Figures click here!
"Your tax dollars at work"

Paul Allens First and Goal construction/demolition information click this!

Click here for a time line web cam by Susan of the soft demolition process! Also many good links that I'm too lazy to link to right now!

Ivar has a live web cam here! Updated every 5 minutes!
He is going to post a video in MPEG format of the Kingdome demolition. Don't miss it!

Turner Stadium construction web cam
(They're building the new stadium.)

Dan has many "After the Implosion Cam" movies here!

From Dome To Dust
Here is the official Seattle Times collection of links and news articles about the demolition watch.

Free For All Implosion Links.
(has absolutely nothing to do with the Kingdome)

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