Count Down From Kingdome Demolition via Implosion

days since it got blown to kingdome come!

News Flash! On March 26, 2000 the Kingdome bit the dust!

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Note: If you got here other than through a link on the Seattle curiosities page
then you may want to go to Seattle Curiosities and Oddities while this page loads!
However there is no Seattle Kingdome demolition there!

Kingdome implosion and Kingdome web cam links!
Everything you ever wanted to know about the kingdome demolition.
Find out how many days are left until the Kingdome is paid off!

It takes about 60 seconds for the Kingdome demolition sim to load but the wait is well worth it.
Once the animation has loaded kick back and watch the Seattle Kingdome go up in smoke in real time!

HEY! This Seattle Kingdome demolition simulation looks real!

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