Welcome to Seattle!

Where even the rats are friendly!

Yikes! Call that Verminator weirdo!

Seattle is fast becoming one of the strangest cities in the country, maybe the world.
So come take a tour of the weird and wonderful back allies of the Emerald City.
Here is a handy tool that you will need if you plan on spending
any serious amont of time here in Seattle. A Seattle Lexicon
And oh yeah, remember all of the links are redhot around here!

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The Experience Music Project!

Jam with Jimi!

Implode me
Missed out in March? See a simulation here!
It takes about 60 seconds to load.
Be patient, it's well worth the wait!
Kingdome Demolition web cams click here!

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe:
See a real live mummy!

A throwback to the days when wild cows roamed Seattle streets.
imagine the size of them cowpies

Is Kurt Cobain hiding here?

In Association with Amazon.comAmazon is in Seattle...not Brazil!

This guy must know where he's at!

A bug eating troll.
Drivers Wanted
Jimi knows. The architect doesn't.



Take a polluted Seattle property and sell it to the city so they can build a park where children can play with heavy metals!
Gas Works Park

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