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The United Surfers Club supports the following 3 programs. All you have to do is sign up for United Surfers Club once, choose which Get Paid to Surf programs that you want to use, and you will automatically be enrolled in the programs that you have chosen! CashSurfers Desktop Dollars

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Other get paid to surf the web programs is the best paying and most reliable currently on the net!
AllPaidFor Bannerunion DollarWeb Making-Cash Paybar PaidForSurf PaysYou UtopiAd Spedia

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These companies will pay you to search the web

Cactus Search The best on the Internet! Earn $32.00 every 2 months!
Clicks2Cash ClickThru Network

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These companies will pay for consumer research

Survey Savvy Will pay you 3 bucks a survey! I get on average 2 a week. Be sure to fill out the profile surveys to get even more!
American Consumer Opinion Foodquiz GlobalTestMarket Greenfield Online MBS Internet Research Memolink NPD Online Research Opinionsite

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These companies will pay you to shop

BonusTree Ebates ipoints My Points

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Get Paid to read Email

AddBonus I get 2 ads a week!
SendMoreInfo I'm getting 20 to 25 paid emails a week on this one!
Total UtopiAd YoYoMail
I used to get 2 get paid to read emails a month from these companies. That has increased to 25 a week. Email is still the most effective marketing method on the web. Interest in the get paid to read email sector is picking up!

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These companies pay you to play games!

CashWiz Spedia SpeedyClick

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Miscellaneous programs for pay

AdSavers (screensavers with ads) E-Pilot Virtually Free Internet Wacky Ware Jokes & Humor

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